If you are looking for a place to hold a photo shoot or shoot a video, then our pavilion with a cyclorama is the perfect solution. We guarantee high quality services and an individual approach to each client.
Contact us right now to learn more about our services and book a time for shooting!
"All inclusive" — 75000rub. [20-hour shift (further 10000rub/h), white cyclorama]
What is included:
- Rent a cyclorama; circle on the floor (D:4m, load 10 tons); suspension around the perimeter (large square)
- Rent of all rooms with furniture
- Electricity (connection 125/380 - 60kW)
- Covering the floor with film before shooting
- Removal of household garbage
- Repainting the floor
- Administrator (shift of 12 hours); processing of the administrator - 1000rub/h; shift: start before 7:00 and end after 00:00 + taxi
- Cleaning

- Connecting the caravan
- Suspension small square
- Suspension circle
- Parking
- Additional furniture that is not in the rooms
- Using furniture as props
- Refrigerators, ovens, kettles, coolers and what you may need
- Curtains of chromakey
- Curtains "Black Cabinet"

Hourly payment: 5000rub/h (minimum 5h).
Without using rooms.
What is included:
- White cyclorama
- Turntable (D:4m, load 10 tons)
- Suspension around the perimeter (large square)
- Socket 220V, 10A (relevant for photographers)

Rent per shift with a choice of options: 40000rub. [20-hour shift (further 10000r/h), white cyclorama]
The price includes a perimeter suspension (large square) and the use of a rotary wheel with a load of 10 tons.
Everything else: rooms, connection, parking - according to the price

Must be paid:
• administrator (12-hour shift): 4000rub. (further processing 1000rub/h)
• cleaning: 3000rub.
• garbage collection: 3000rub.
• electricity
• Repainting of the floor is paid if the surface of the cyclorama is soiled: 10000rub.

Additional services:
• Covering the floor with film before shooting: 3000rub.
• Floor covering in color at the request of the customer: by agreement.
• Room to choose from: the cost per shift is 5000rub. (dressing room, costume room, acting room, office, client room)
All furniture for the film crew is included in the price
• Using furniture as props: 1500rub. per unit

More than 3 shift in a row - discounts!
Long-term rental is discussed individually.
Convenient electric winches with central control
There are many spacious rooms in our pavilion that provide comfort and convenience for actors and crew members, as well as help create the right atmosphere for filming.
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